So, I'm sure you've heard that Nickelodeon's mystery show "House of Anubis" has come back for a second season since they contently advertise it. This really rubs me the wrong way since, one, I hear NOBODY ever talking about it so why bring it back? And second, they pretty much ended the last plot, they didn't HAVE to do more.

But really, I'm just mad that HOA, the show that's so obviously Nick's answer to Tower Prep, gets another season, and Tower Prep doesn't. It feels like they're rubbing it in my face.

House of Anubis, in my opinion, doesn't really deserve it. Tower Prep, on the other hand, does.

HOA looks low budget, doesn't have very good acting, editing, camera work, or writing. If you gave me the same money and equipment, I could probably do a better job. (No, I'm being dead serious. I'm pretty good with camera work and editing). It's predictable and looks like they read Red Pyramid and watched generic mysteries before writing any episodes.

But Tower Prep looks great, has great writing, acting and plot. And for a show that doesn't deal any with magic, they sure do have pretty darn good special effects. Not to mention, their characters don't annoy me, and they don't try to add unnecessary drama.

Look Nickelodeon, House of Anubis isn't bad, and I'll still watch it, but I know you could do a heck of a lot better. If you wanted a good mystery show on your network, you should have picked up Tower Prep.

[EDIT] Feb 9, 2012- Something new to rant about

Alrighty then, here's something new, Eddie is Mr.Sweet's son? The principal's son?! That's it, I'm not calling him Eddie, I'm calling him CJ.

[EDIT] Feb 29, 2012

I donno if this counts, but in today's episode (^Check date) John Clark, AKA Jerome's dad, told him "Keep It Simple Stupid" after seeing the kiss picture on Jermone's cell phone. Reminding me exactly of when Suki said the people who built Tower Prep followed KISS or "Keep It Simple Stupid."

Again, i donno if it counts at all, but i just feel like I have to add something here.

[EDIT] Mar 14, 2012

This will probably be my last edit on this thing... anyways. The 2nd season of House of Anubis is over. (Actually Mar 9) And you know what? I'm gonna miss it. Not as much as Tower Prep, but it had a good ending. A predictable one (predictable as in my younger brother could, and did, yell it out loud three weeks before the finale even aired), but still good. And it also wouldn't be surprising if Nick gave it a third season, and hopefully a better budget and crew. And Eddie being the Osirian. Not the most explained thing ever... come on guys, you can do better than that.

Much, much later

Ha ha, I was right. They have another season.

The plot this season is not bad, it's actually pretty cool, but the execution is still mediocre at best.

My favorite part is how the original core characters were turned evil, leaving the newer ones to figure stuff out by themselves with little experience.

As you can see by the upper regions, I started very irritated at the show, but it eventually grew on me. Partly because I don't see five advertisements for it every time a show cuts to a commercial.

No, I don't think it will ever even come close to the level Tower Prep left on, but I do want to leave this message here so that if someone reading this does like HOA, I don't want it to offend them. House of Anubis isn't horrible, but you still must admit, calling it great would be a stretch, I might even call it a lie.

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