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  • I am an airbender
  • MagicalChez

    So, I'm sure you've heard that Nickelodeon's mystery show "House of Anubis" has come back for a second season since they contently advertise it. This really rubs me the wrong way since, one, I hear NOBODY ever talking about it so why bring it back? And second, they pretty much ended the last plot, they didn't HAVE to do more.

    But really, I'm just mad that HOA, the show that's so obviously Nick's answer to Tower Prep, gets another season, and Tower Prep doesn't. It feels like they're rubbing it in my face.

    House of Anubis, in my opinion, doesn't really deserve it. Tower Prep, on the other hand, does.

    HOA looks low budget, doesn't have very good acting, editing, camera work, or writing. If you gave me the same money and equipment, I could probably …

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