I'll start leaving weekly updates every wed (i may change the day idk) so that way people can see what ive done the past week, but more importantly i can keep track of what i have done myself (due to me having a busy life outside of the wiki, which makes it's hard to keep track of things).

Since New Year's:

  • Edited minor fixes on a few pages
  • Started adding Episode 3, Whisper, to all story sections of all pages (1st eight minutes done so far)

By next Wed (1/12/11):

  • Hopefully finish adding Whisper to all pages, however due to me starting production this weekend on a few short films for my school, most likely i will only have up to 30 minutes done
  • Adding and refining the mysteries page
  • Assisting Cornprone on working out a refined model for the Theories section of the wiki


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