Hey I have been watching Tower Prep since the show started, and quite frankly find it an amazing show. It has the depth of an high quality and is well produced enough to keep an adult watching, with the enough light humor to keep older preteens and teenagers tuned in as well. A few weeks ago I came across this wiki, and decided to join and help keep it up to date and well written. I also have a few ideas too.

-Add a section at the bottom of all the pages, to post theories that have a good amount of evidence to back them up. This would mean no random ideas or theories with little evidence to support them.

-A page with unanswered and answered questions about the show.

I'd be happy to create and maintain these pages, but I was wondering what the community thought about this. Also, unless this is already the case, I think that in order to edit pages, you should have an account, in order to prevent random editing and misinformation.


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