Hey, one quick update, i haven't ditched the wiki, the talent show and approaching semester exams are eating up alot of my time, but i have a five day weekend coming up so i should be able to get some editing done. However, in the mean time i could use a huge favor from the community! My friend is in a world wide competition called just let me sing. She is crazy talented and is ranked 40th in world. however, she needs to at least be ranked 35th by the end of tomorrow in order to move on to the next round. It would mean alot to me if you guys could all go vote for her before the end of tomorrow as she currently needs at least 600-700 more votes to catch up! tell your friends to vote too, but i hope you all go vote!!!!!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!!


Marykate Sinclair - Just Let Me Sing - Singing Contest

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