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    Tower Prep contains a variety of intricately interconnected themes and motifs:

    The Rooks presumably take their name from the bird (a rook or raven) seen on Cornelius Tower's emblem. However, the word "rook" has a second meaning: It is the name of the chess piece also called the "tower" or "castle." The rook in chess has a crenellated battlement that resembles the top of the Tower Prep logo. (See picture at right.) Crenellations are the cut-out portions of the walls of a battlement, originally used to protect archers. Coincidentally, Ian's last name is Archer.

    In "New Kid", when Ian first enters Headmaster's office, the camera lingers specifically on one of the towers in a miniature model of the school. The tower has what are either crenellati…

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    Tower Prep season two?

    December 31, 2010 by Cornprone

    As of December 2010, Tower Prep has not yet been renewed for season two. If you want to see the show come back, here are a few things you can do.

    Although it's debatable as to how effective letter-writing campaigns are, it can't hurt to tell Cartoon Network that you want more Tower Prep. Just make sure your messages of support remain positive, and focus on how much you want to see more of the show.

    • Paul Dini has asked fans to email the CN VP of Public Relations. Find out more at this Twitter post.
    • Traditional letters can be sent to Cartoon Network at:
    Cartoon Network
    1050 Techwood Drive
    Atlanta, GA 30318
    • You can also send feedback through the CN website. Go to the Feedback page, select "Programming" then "Tower Prep" and leave a message about how y…

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