Señor Guapo
Senor Guapo
Role: Sock Puppet
First appearance: Monitored

Señor Guapo is a sock monkey owned by Gabe.

Its first appearance was when Ian found it in the Underground Tunnels where he was investigating thefts at Tower Prep by Howard Gilmore. ("Monitored")

In Gabe's dream, Señor Guapo spoke to him in Cornelius Tower's voice, telling him that "In dreams begin responsibilities." However, Gabe points out that the real Señor Guapo only speaks Spanish and mentions that Señor Guapo had spoken to him just before he got into the trouble that led to him having a parole officer. Later, in Ian's dream, Ian pulls the covers off Conner's bed to reveal a giant Señor Guapo. ("Dreams")

Gabe hides the vial of Chemica Desin 2.0 in the safest place he can think of: inside Señor Guapo's belly. However, after being tipped off by CJ, a Monitor rips Señor Guapo open and discovers it. ("Snitch") As a result, Gabe is sent to West Campus, but he later finds that an anonymous "friend" has had Señor Guapo smuggled into his West Campus cell. ("Fathers")


  • "Señor" is the Spanish male honorific equivalent to "Mister" in English. "Guapo" means "The Handsome One" or "Handsome." So his name translates to "Mr. Handsome".
  • Series creator Paul Dini has a sock monkey "son" named Rashy, who is the mascot of his Radio Rashy podcast.
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