Group type

Electronics corporation

Key people

Takahiro Sato (owner/executive), Shinji Sato (employee, computer specialist)

SatoSystems (also sometimes referred to as SatoSystem Inc. or Sato Scientific) is a major electronics company that is owned by Suki Sato's family and has ties to Tower Prep.

SatoSystems makes the PDAs issued to all Tower Prep students. Ian recognized the name, showing that SatoSystems is a well-known electronics company in the outside world. ("New Kid") Ian believes that SatoSystems is responsible for the buzzing noise that knocks out students when they are first brought to Tower Prep, as he first asked Conner Owens if he was operating or near a SatoSystems technology just before hearing the buzzing sound. ("Dreams")

It's revealed that SatoSystems is still responsible for developing and maintaining the Whisper computers, and Suki's brother Shinji Sato acts as a liaison between the company and Headmaster. The fact that Whisper 119 was replaced at Takahiro Sato's insistence, even though Headmaster did not think it was necessary, suggests that SatoSystems has power on the board of directors controlling Tower Prep. ("Phone Home")

Sato ScientificEdit

Corvus logo

"Sato Scientific" is either an older name for the company, or a division within it. Suki finds a "Sato Scientific" label on Whisper 23, a much older computer system under the school, that was built around 1947. This discovery causes her to worry that her family has ties to the potentially evil things going on at the school. ("Whisper")

The "CT" logo is also seen next to a Sato Scientific label on a centrifuge found in the underground laboratories, indicating that the company likely is connected to the creation of Corvus H-40. ("Rooks")

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