Richard harmon

Richard Harmon plays Ray Snider

Richard Harmon plays the bad boy come half good Ray Snider (of course after he develops a crush on Suki Sato).

His character is friends with Zack Blonsky and Don Finch.

He is initially Ian's (along with Don) roommate until the end of "Monitors" when Gabe's room-mate is sent to the Western Campus, after stealing then trying to put the blame on Ian. His new room-mate becomes Fenton Capwell.

He is currently filming (post-production) a movie called Rufus where he is playing a character called Clay.


Born August 18th 1991.

Was in Judas Kiss, Tower Prep, Fringe and Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief.


Interview for Richard Harmon. '5 Things You Didn't Know About Me'

1. I love eating a restaurants by myself

That's not to say that I dont enjoy having company most of the time, but i have found myself eating on my lonesome more and more in the last year. There is something about it that i find quite relaxing. I think its because when you eat on your own everything is dictated at your own pace. I am never in a rush.

2. Bob Dylan is my idol.

Everybody has that person growing up that made them see things a little differently than they did before, Dylan is that guy for me. My dad gave me the Blonde on Blonde album on cassette tape when i was seven or eight. It took me a while to get into Dylan's vibe, but once I did I never looked back. No matter where you are in your life, I think Bob has a song for that time and place. Of course, there are many other public figures that I look up to as well, but as of this point in my life, Dylan has been the guy.

3. I take laser tag incredibly seriously.

I am an extremely competitive person -- most likely a little over the top at times, but that's just who I am. My friends and I will often go out and play laser tag on Friday nights. We also paint our faces for the occasion. Yes, we are that great. Laser tag is not a game for the weak heart, on many accounts we have left with multiple cuts and bruises.

4. I love SpongeBob SquarePants!

Whenever I am sad, I just put on SpongeBob and I cheer up. If you think SpongeBob is just for kids, go and watch it and you will find that it is nearly impossible to not smile at that nautical fun-loving sponge. I honestly enjoy the show more now than i did when i was young.

5. I make a playlist for every character I portrayMusic plays a huge part in helping me understand a character. Every time I get a new role, I will take a chunk of time to just sit and listen to a bunch of songs and select the ones that make sense in my mind for that character. I cant even explain how much it helps me. I listen to the playlist on-set pretty much any chance i get in between scenes.