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New Kid

The Perimeter Wall appears to be a large metal wall surrounding Tower Prep that creates a seemingly insurmountable boundary to escape.

It is unknown exactly how long or wide it is, but is presumed to separate the peninsula on which the school is built from the outside world. It is heavily guarded by Gnomes. ("New Kid") CJ was about to test sulfuric acid on it when she was bitten by a Tsetse fly. ("Field Trip")

Conrad of the Broken claimed that wall was "not there," could neither be touched nor climbed over. He did not explain his cryptic statements in more detail. ("Trust")

When Conner Owens returned, he explained the true nature of the wall: it is a combination of holographic projection and hallucination generated by the school's Whisper system. Conner had hacked Whisper 119, giving her human dreams and the idea that students should not be kept locked up. This created a glitch that allowed Conner to run right through the wall. After discovering this, SatoSystems upgraded to an advanced version of Whisper 120, which generated an impassable wall with a stronger electrical field. ("Snitch")

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