The Broken
A group of Broken

Group type

Resistance group

The Broken were a resistance group of former Tower Prep students.

These former students had not been able to escape beyond the wall, so they lived in the forest outside the school and used the Redfang costume to operate in the Forbidden Zone. They used a former Gnome bunker as a temporary base. Their leader "Redfang" was Stephen Phillips, a former Tower Prep student who had been captured by the group when he tried to escape. Their purpose was to fight against the Gnomes, although it was initially unknown what their other goals are. ("Field Trip")

Members of the Broken sneaked into the school and spray painted stencils of Redfang to send the message that students can make a "choice" to rebel. Ian discovered that Emily Wright had contacted the Broken and planned to join them. Conrad, the second-in-command below Redfang, told Ian that their goal was to overthrow the school and take over. He also stated that the perimeter wall was an illusion and can not be climbed over. The Broken seem to be aware of many of the school's secrets, including the yellow elevator and the existence of another group trying to take over the school (probably the Exiles). Conrad even offered to make Ian their leader, as Phillips was going mad and had started to believe that he really was Redfang. Before the scheduled meeting with Ian and the others, they were moved out of harm's way by the Headmaster. Later, when Ian, CJ, Suki and Gabe tried to join the Broken, they found the Broken base deserted.


  • In his podcast, Paul Dini stated that the Broken were moved out of harm's way by Headmaster.
  • A Twitter post by Paul Dini stated that this group is called the "Broken" and implied that they are students that Math was referring to when he said "Not every student makes it here. Some break." It is later confirmed in "Trust" that this is their name. ("Trust")
  • A video clip from "Trust" found on the Cartoon Network website is labeled "The Group finds The Broken have already left their hideout". This suggests that the Broken were not in fact captured and "mended" as Headmaster told the Board of Directors. However, it may also be a misinterpretation by the person writing descriptions on the website.


This section contains fan theories.
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  • The Broken may not have been captured by the Gnomes and "mended" as Headmaster stated but rather they moved on to another base, as Conrad had stated they were planning to. The Gnomes finding their base would have forced the Broken to move earlier than they would have liked.
  • Alternately, the Broken may have been captured and taken to West Campus. Being "mended" could be a euphemism for having their memories erased, with the group possibly being turned back into normal students.
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